Sunday, December 26, 2010

sometimes I feel alone. Some days are long and hard. But when I look out into the world, I am struck by the impossible beauty of it all. Those billions of magnificent accidents that led us to where we are today, that led us to the paper planes and nautilus shells and the tiny, crooked smiles of children,

When I think about all the small perfections of the world, I have faith that my time will come.

I have faith that someday, a warm light will flood over me and I will find peace.

- All my friends are dead.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

take what you can

I'm not your umbrella in san diego that you only think about when it's hardly raining,
i'm not your pair of gloves that you keep to the side,
i'm not yoke that you discard because you only like the whites
i'm not the forgotten rat trap you set last month
i'm not the ten foot elephant you killed only for my two 3 foot tusks.
i'm surely not a beggar,
i'm surely not the tab that you tear off of your soda can,
i'm surely not a human being that doesn't mind.

take what you can.