Saturday, January 24, 2009

my poetry

Untitled 1
I had gotten sick of what I called home
Dry wood walls, concrete floors
And locks weren't placed on doors
And what looked like cracks were covered in phoam

Nails being forced sporadically into fresh wood
Moths' countless tearing up my room
It was always the building I never understood
And I hated the sound of broken glass
and nails being swept around by a broom

But it was something that I has learned
As my bare feet hit the cold concrete floors
Or as my hands reached for the non-existant doors

I noticed that I too,
I'm not yet finished
Another wall is torn down
to reconstruct my own life
that had once before been deminished

He was beaten at an early age
It came from somewhere along a crooked line
This battle has always turned into a war
Like a diseased animal locked in a cage
viewers stop by and look, He appears to be fine

She was a beautifull blossoming flower
Ready to secceed in this life, she still has the power
Escaping her previous life to come live on better
She will never be the same
And life took a turn for the worse
As soon as she came

No one in life is normal
But there's some form of ideal
And you don't get to choose, with a spin of the wheel

She looked fine and dandy
But she hasn't taken the wrapper off to taste
the sour candy
As soon as he hit the bottle
Disaster came a full throttle
Leaving her beaten and bruised
He left off to work
And everything became fin after he cruised

Learning she had cancer
It appears as him and his money would be the answer
After surgeries and stitches
You would think he might have stopped
And this is when the miquito bit starts it's itches

Now she's the one locked in the cage
And does not deserve this mess
But she thinks she deserves it none the less
She figures she can't do anything right
That's way she'll submit to his fight

She worked hard to succeed in life
It's so unfortunate that she has to go though this striffe
If it wasn't for that fuck
She'd be making the buck
She'd know success
And wouldn't have to wait for relief
As he storms out of the house and leaves in his truck

We've heard this story before
But wait till this story comes knocking at your door
Considering your problems, your are most likely lower then the floor
There is hope
For those of us who have the power to cope

As the desert sky heats up and the critters return to thier beds
I have discovered that nothing rings as true
As the ray of truth flow from you
But sometimes I abandon this discovery
Just like the cobweb covered tools left in thier abandoned sheds

And as we question why we are here
As the strudents take thier final tests
And the protectors strap on protection to thier chests
There's a steady assurance that there's nothing here to fear

What do we do when it ends?
The conductor is conductor is conducting his grand finalee
And for the last time, the gang is meeting in the ally
And again theres nothing in life that will keep us apart
For we will still be friends

You question where I get this assurance from
Is it in some sort of place?
Or what or how does it show
And all I can do is stare you in the face
And respond simple by saying,
"I don't know,
"but you will be staying"

Pale Blue Dot-
As he looked onward
He fixed his eyes on a pale blue dot
It's very uniqu, very out of the ordinary
To ignore it, how could you not?

But certain claim and situations
Were brought upon the earth as folly
It's filled with our sorrowand greed
From the lady that almost killed the dalmations
To the man who decided to throw himself in fron of that speeding trolley
Or the the women's husband that made her so jolly

We are but "a pile of dust" supsended in a sun beam
But we decided to call our own shots
Building our parking lots,
Leaving people hopeless ending up sleeping in cots
or how the king wanted thier own land
"to hell with the native" so they became canned

Theres no place to go or run
To forget the harm thats already been done

It is likely to say that 'it' or 'he' is on thier way
so, lets do what we can to live for another day

This One Is Called: Being Stupid:
I was walking away from the sun
I still can't shake the presence of what I've done!

In the desert I was walking a path so bare
I was so hungry, I could have eaten a whole cow
I heard that you can eat a cactus pear ( without the prickles)
But, I never learned how!

My ignorance caught me in my tracks
I popped that pear into my mouth
but forgot the part of the prickle
And I soon discovered
Those thorns did do everything but tickle

Those bastards tore up my mouth
I've been chewing gum for 3 years after that
Just goes to show
Ignorance can show us our sense of pride
Your ticket is either a one way or two way
ticket to ride

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