Thursday, July 9, 2009

some people enjoy it,
others anticipate it,
others embrace the feeling,
others capture peoples faces,
it ends the game.

sitting around a table, with surfaces as flat as home made pancakes,
piling rectangular pieces of wood on top of one another,

who would have thought that building something so monumental, with the thought of it all collapsing could bring people together,
merely not for anything slightly too serious,
just to give enough competitive edge for one to get so carried away with.

if you're listening,
is my life merely a jenga game?
are you piling a weight on my shoulders?
what is it like to see everything fall?
are you hurt by my stupidity?
is it even sad that i'm feeling a slight empathy torwards you?

i would just like to know.

cause sometimes knowing things helps a bit.

build me up.


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