Monday, November 23, 2009

we were all

stalks of corn in a corn field. we all faced each other, we had smiles as wide as the columns of dirt that separated us. we were all elegantly swaying back and forth as the wind blew, the wind would stir up hurricanes of dirt and dust, it wasn't so bad, for it was good at times cause it blew our unneeded leafs away, they'd twirl and twist out of sight and they were carried up like balloons into the atmosphere. but sometimes the winds were not fun, mother nature would force her winds upon us, and give us a rough time, she'd come at any time of day, pushing us, wrestling us to the ground, our smiles never disappeared as we'd cushion one another's fall. the sun would shine down on us, as if a blanket of warmth wrapped us up. as if a mother were tenderly wrapping her baby up. we had not a single care. and all we could do was smile at one another. that was my dream.

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