Tuesday, December 22, 2009

i expected to see him on the couch,
sprawled out on the couch like a rug, he quickly shit his eyes before i turned on the light.
i removed the pillow what was graciously resting his head,
every breath he took was sacred, like as if buddha himself were meditating.
i stroked his velvet like ears, rubbed his belly and spoke kind words to him.
he opened his eyes, and all i could see was the red-like tissue that kept his eyes in place.
other than the back of his head, his eyes were no where to be found,
but i found myself rubbing his belly, as if i were rubbing one of those buddhists belly for good luck, but i know whats coming,
he won't be here forever, the evidence shows,
his grey hairs looked more apparent, i wouldn't have to search for them, and it' s not like i was looking for a four leaf clover.
he paused,
i paused,
he exhaled, and i followed.
thank god.
he's going fast, faster than i think.

my first puppy, why must you show signs of decay?
you don't trot around like you used to back in the day.

i'm drunk....

good night,


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