Sunday, February 14, 2010

just for now

tonight i sat outside in my front yard,
admiring the moths as they dash towards the lights like cold people do to a bon fire.
i noticed the growth of the grasses and weeds, that stood tall like the redwoods, i pondered off about how the rains had made them sprout up.
they carefully release their seeds to the wind, and let nature take it's course.
i turned around, and thought to myself that it's just a course of nature,
as the heat will one day return and wither them away, and my front yard would then look like a field of just dust and rocks, and the gofer holes will be scattered like acne among the lot of land.
i'm figuring out that these situations in my life, these tough times, these amazing times, are all times that last as long as my so called garden will in my front yard.
but new things will arise, as my relationships resemble seeds that become planted,
whether they die, or become an amazing sort of plant,

it's all just a course of nature,
things will appear again, and then some things won't

so, as for now,
i'm admiring my garden as the bugs and lizards frolic in their forest.

i can legally buy alcohol now.
lets go out for a drink.


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