Sunday, April 11, 2010


it was just a sound of the wind as it rushes by the trees, causing their leafs to fall all around me. I'd seen this happen before, many times.
i'd stand below the tilted eucalyptus in my front yard and tried to catch the leafs like a baseball player trying to catch a pop fly as the ball is masked by the sun, although this time i had no sun,
i was impaired by fermented sugar.
i'd trip and sputter around.
but, either way intoxicated or not, those leafs were really hard to catch.
although tonight as i was sitting enjoying my cold brew, as leaf fell upon my lap.
i looked up and cursed the tree i sat under,
i wanted a challenge, i wanted to dance back and forth and to reach out my begging hands and finally grasp that leaf that the tree shook off.

instead of embracing this leaf that fell upon my lap,
i crumbled it, lit it on fire and stomped on it.

there are some things that need to be embraced,
and there are some things that fall upon your lap,(without any acknowledgment that they were there in the first place that they were there)
that need to be let go.

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