Thursday, February 19, 2009


As I crept outside to return to my patio for my evening smoke I had a feeling that I would see something unusual tonight. And as I always do, I asked God if he was around to show me something that I had been eagerly awaiting ever since I had moved here.
So, it was there that I sat.
As the breathe from my lungs and the smoke from my cigarette danced in the cold air while rising to take it's place in the atmosphere, from the corner of my eye I caught a twinkle, an ever so faint shooting star burning bright, burning its gases and fumes while displaying it's ever so significant tail.
I was in awe, so much so that I patiently pleaded for another one, and there another one shot, this one however, soared across the night sky, my eyes tried to catch up to it, much like at a ball park when the crowd tries to catch a glimpse at the home run ball as it peaks and falls.
And then I asked for another. And it so happened that my plead was heard, and out of the sky fell another star.
And then it was over,
I asked for more, but as long as I sat there, there was nothing.

I then contemplated this thought: Much like the stars, there's a driving force behind nature, and it so often manipulates these displays of beauty to happen. These displays of beauty come and go, and in fact, we humans often plead for another one.
Why can't we just wait? I mean, with shooting stars, we pretty much end up just waiting for the next one.
My only challenge to myself, is to savor moments much like the one I had tonight, because quit frankly, who knows the next time you'll see something so spectacular.
Maybe I should stop smoking.


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