Thursday, February 19, 2009

just something about my dog.

"I swear to you I wasn't" I had pleaded.
"What? No, you were" without giving me the chance to speak, as if she had forgot there was another side to the story.
Dialogue had continued, I wish I had recorded what was said, but the periods, exclamation points, and letters and words flew over my head as if i had nearly dodged a bullet in battle.
"I'm sorry." I uttered politely.
And that was it, just mere silence after my phone slammed shut, I then my phone down on my cold growing sheets, and hung my head.
That was the end of the nauseating aroma of cinnamon and freshly cooked waffle cones, and the end to soar wrists, the end to those never ending nights when christians from around the corner demanded their ice cream, and never spared even a penny for the goodwill of a tip.
My stomach sat flat way down in my body, my stomach roared as it churned from the never ending emotions that consumed me as I sat in guilt and shame.
I slowly turned over in my bed and tried to sleep it off.
That was that.

I couldn't sleep. So, I picked myself up and of coarse, dressed, put on a pair of beat up shoes and meandered outside.

My backyard contains nothing but an empty worn out pool, half- full from the rains, and plenty of green shrubbery that was rich with the rain waters, and of coarse, bailey was outside.
As I sat in the grass to pull out a cigarette, Bailey, my 2 and 1/2 foot tall golden lab/ golden retriever, puppy face and all, comes slowly pacing towards me.
What happens next might make you feel a little bit warm inside:

As I'm sitting in flat out depression, my dog walks towards me and attempts to paw my arm, with his big wet nose, and his ever so pink tongue he starts to lick my face.
I can do nothing but accept this offer, and bear through the stench of his saliva on my cheek, and notice his tail, ever so happily wagging back in forth.

Somehow he could tell, because quit frankly he usually doesn't give a damn, he usually just sits there and stares or minds his own business.

My dear friend once said "Dogs represent everything good in this world", I don't have any doubt that this statement is falsifiable.

If you happen to have a dog, I urge you stop reading this, and go pet the pooch, because maybe one day he'll return the favor.

Dogs are great, and you should own one.

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