Monday, April 27, 2009

the only thing that i can really think about right now is this:

i have damn writers block.
but uh, here goes nothing:

dear david,
i hope to see you soon one day
i know you've traveled down paths
that i have heard of, much to my dismay
i saw you struggling on the couch
after enjoying the mundane things
i'm so sad to see you finally realize what a clean life brings

please come back to us
i haven't yes caught your whole story
i promise i'll listen
even if things get a little gory

all i'm asking god for is a little bit more time to spend with you
one year down, al you have left is two
so please stop by and tell me what you remember
even if it hurts
i'm listening, i'm here

so, if you care to come please sit by me
tell me all of the things in which you hope i'll never see

and if you pass,
well, i'll quite frankly remember you forever,
as the man who was so distant

cheers, i hope to see you soon.
i'd love to see you at a family party sometime

1 comment:

  1. This is actually pretty good. Work on it some more.