Tuesday, April 28, 2009


where do i begin?
this is the first time i've done this,
taking my laptop outside with me while i migrate to my spot outside for my nightly smoke.

i may be crossing some of my own lines, but what the heck.
i've never done this before so, i guess it's passable.

i've been thinking a lot about traffic lately.
like actual traffic.
and it seems to me and my thinking that what traffic really is is this:
a mass amount of people trying to get home all at the same time.
think of it.
you had a long day at work, your car smells because your mug of coffee has ran dry, leaving that certain stench that get's old after you made it in the early mornings, and quite frankly, the smell is only good if the coffee soothes your early morning wake up.
but aside from the coffee, you really just want to get home, sit down, maybe have a drink and relax.

now, after the countless times people cut you off o get the the same destination you desire, it really start to get on your nerves.
or at least it gets on mine.

so, you decide to hog the road, not letting people over, speeding up, and so on and so forth.

now, watt causes me to think my conclusion, could in fact, sound really stupid:
my whole out look on traffic is this:
it's cause by one's selfish desire.
cause quite frankly, you could be doing something else than fulfilling that mental slumber.
but, that's not my conclusion yet,

maybe if we all shared, it could ease everybody's hatred and bitterness against other drivers, or in fact people.

cause quite frankly, i am a driver, you are a driver, obama is a driver..drivers are people, like you and me.

so, nest time you are driving and hit traffic, think of the person that wants the same thing you do.

maybe selfishness is the root to traffic, or maybe it's not.
myabe selfishness is the root to most other peoples problems.

but what i believe, is that we are all, in some way, just the same as everybody else.

i don't know.

give me a hoot and holler if you agree.


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