Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Today i worked,
I worked, and i worked hard. Things were different at work.
I mean, it's the same machine, but ever since we took a break two weeks ago, I only come back to find a different way to look at it.

Actually, I lied, I look at it the same and it will always be the machine noted in my mind as the machine does not produce satisfactory copper for me, and that I'll never be able to get it right.

But no more complaining, at least I have somewhat of a job.

So, back to something meaningful:

As I sped home on the freeway today uttering the ever so familiar tunes "there's no place like home",
I couldn't help but to notice a speeding white off road type truck.
As I was driving, this white truck full of rowdy white guys.
Now what was wierd about this is:
As I was driving, the dude in the back seat, began to flip me off.
Now,I'm not the one to get mad about it or anyhting, but I was concerned, so I smiled, and gave them the peace sign.

But regardless of this I thought:
This brings up something that is so often viewed with the human nature:

As soon as something is done to us, and we feel as if we don't deserve it;
we automatically assessed all that we've done.

Ha, I was pulling into my driveway thinking about it, and I thought myself:
"what the hell did I do to deserve this?"

So, maybe the finger given to me was a good thing,
maybe i need to assess what i've done and what i've said.
I think everyone needs to do that.
So, maybe we all need some sort of the finger every once and a while.

This post sucked shit.


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