Saturday, June 27, 2009


it so often seemed like i felt as i was pushing my leg to the floor, pumping, trying to avoid the tan girls in their bikini's as they fluttered around like butterflies on the board walk.
the sun so elegantly glistening on their tan skin, and if you wanted to, you could probably see your own reflection if you looked at their shoulder blades close enough.
the sun was on it's decent down to visit the other side of the world.
i was tired.
the constant pushing led me no where, and i had realized that my legs were starting to burn.
as i gave y last push i rode it out and captured the feeling of resting.
i kicked my board out from under me, and started walking at a steady pace.
i admired walking back to the car.
i peered out into the horizon as i walked.
i had done a lot of that recently.
i think i don't take full advantage of san diego like i ought to.

i've lately had to ride my bike to and from work, it's about 10 miles along the stretch of the inland part of the bay.

as i peddle, i battle against the wind, and i am so often remind of the reason why bike riders wear spandex.

it's a constant battle as i ride to and from work.
a never ending war.

i've been tired recently.
i haven't taken ride my bike to work seriously.
i find myself gripping the handle bars in anger as a force of nature attempts to sweep me away.

damn me.
damn me.

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