Monday, August 3, 2009

i briskfuly walked down the pier this evening,
the sun took it's course to venture to the other side of the planet, it inhaled it's last breathe only to puff out a large amount of smoke that resembles fog.
we walked and talked life, it was great.
the insides of me wanted to regurgitate a large smile, like the smile you see when a fisherman catches a fish.

we walked past couples, couples that were holding each other for dear life.
some were doing this weird thing with their mouths, that conjoin to make one for a while, and after that happens they return each others mouths and then give smiles, gazing into each others eyes. it's weird.
i guess that's what love does. or maybe that's just the infatuation with the opposite sex's appeal.

i say that i won't search for any type of relationship, but it always ends up happening.

i just need someone here
for me.

i have an egg shaker in my car.
i have a dog at home.
i have a friend around the corner.
a mom.
a brother.

whatever dude.
i'm just writing cause i can't sleep, and it's hotter than a hot pocket.


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