Wednesday, August 26, 2009

the wood floor boards creaked as i tip toed my way across them,
the night was beautiful, as the god himself boasted of his creation as i gazed up at the stars.
there was an owl perched on a tree looking for a meal to swoop up, like a fat man at the mcdonalds drive thru.

got to my car, and my feigning hands frantically searched for what i was looking for.

i wish something out of the ordinary happened to me tonight,
i called but got nothin' in return.

tomorrow, i'll wake up,wipe the crust out of my eyes, sift through my dirty clothes hamper, brush my teeth, clean my ears, drag the deodorant stick over my arm pits, spray some shitty cologne that only attacks stray cats, and head to class.
i'll smile at that cute girl that sits in front of me,
i'll walk to my car, listen to music.
and that might just be my day.

i wish i could say something adequate for you to think about,
your probably going to stop reading this, cause it's boring, and click back to facebook and read about what someone else is doing.

and it's totally fine.

i watched some of my friends disappear through a simple situation that i could not prevent.

i headed for the beach the other day,
but as i stumbled out of the water, i noticed how un-satisfied i was with the lack of energy i had.

i wish i still had something creative i could do or say.
but this is about it.

things are changing.
i don't like that.


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