Sunday, September 6, 2009

my sea is dying, but death is a doorway

and at the very root of my i know this, i know this,
it's the greatest reminder,
what a broad world to roam in,
what a sea to swim in

the ever so elegant motions of rising and sinking, the panic, the tiring, the brutal up right mountains that force themselves upon you, it all consists of simple water molecules, oxygen and hydrogen, sometimes can be the most forceful energy.
i'm only stating this because i ate total shit today, a couple of times.
my sheer love for the ocean and it's waves have increased over time.
but there's something deeper than that.

i almost parallel it with my absolute love for people.
for one, i can say that i have had a terrible day, all because of people, but that's something i'm not getting into.

screw it,
this is what i'm trying to say,
i love people,
i love the ocean,
people are natural,
the ocean is natural,
people get us down,
the ocean gets us down,
sometimes people surprise us,
sometimes the ocean surprises us,
people are filled with energy,
the ocean is....yada yada yada

bottom line,
i love people, and i'd do anything to help them, and love them.
i love the ocean, and no matter what, it will always tear me up, but i'll always return,

i swear my writing is crap.


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