Thursday, September 17, 2009

the only thing i knew were not the answers on a chemical stained lab manuel that revealed halfway scribbled sentences, i peered around the room to equate in my mind wether or not everyone else was working as hard as i was.
as if community college really makes you work that hard.
my lab partner was an ambitious young lady that had a very loud personality. she had a round face, large eyes, and a tongue piercing that she played with constantly. we exchanged answers, played tic tac toe, fought over the microscope and joked about how out dated out professors jokes were.
once half of the lab was over we were waiting for the other to finish up, when she stated she didn't have a car. being the person i was i oferd her a ride home, which was on the way to my house.
i introduced her to my car and we sped off,
while on the way we had mentioned to each other that we recognized each other from somewhere, but it didn't amount to anything, and we probably will never figure out if we knew each other from before.
as we pulled up to her drive way, i peered through the trees to find a really large house, and three car garage, 3 cars, and a very large two story house. it stuck out like a sore thumb.
"holy crap!", i stated, "what the hell do your parents do?"

i can not go on with the rest,
but i'm sure my expression to the answer that she gave me surely changes her mind about the way i see her,
but, i'm sure she gets the same reactions from other people, or maybe she doesn't maybe i'm different.
do i believe her answer?

it pretty much changed my day.


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