Monday, September 14, 2009

i had felt as if i had seen him before,
his straight narrow face, this hair comprised of many streams on dreadlocks that seemed to flow like tiny rivers down his head and onto his shoulders meeting the sea which resembled his blue shirt,
his tone of voice, which actually brought a little comfort and serenity.
the way he played, and held himself was very familiar.
as i acknowledged these things, i had thought back to my days of pushing shopping carts in a busy hot parking lot.
i'd gather carts with a friend named tony, who, was shorter than me, with a stocky built body, and hair that he kept in his hat.
wonderful young man. we often pondered the meaning of life as we dodged cars shifting in reverse out of the oil filled parking spot.
he was high most of the time, his eyes were covered by his oakly shades, but really, who isn't high at henrys in chula vista?

as my nostalgic phase blew away with the wind highly heavied by the aroma of marijuana, i began to ponder off.
i watched the band play, heard their hi-hat off beats that fell into a syncopated rhythm with the palm muted chords.
people big their dances around me while i bobbed my head to the beat, with sweat drops dripping right off of my chin, people were all over, different kinds,
i could feel the oceans breeze, as if it were a gift. the sun beat down on my nose and arms.

as the band ended one of their songs, i felt a large vibe of peacefulness surround this place much like a piece of plastic wrap covers my half eaten burrito.
all i could see in the other spectators eyes was red, as in, they were high.

i had no horrible feelings about my surrounds what so ever,
nor did i smoke, nor was i offered any.

it saddens me when i think about the only time i've ever felt complete peacefulness in the people surrounding me was at a raggae concert at the beach.

how utterly sad.

why, is it, that i can't walk into a friken coffee shop anywhere in southern california and be judged or looked at because i'm wearing something that doesn't look good on me?

why is this?

maybe it's me,
maybe it's you,

but i think that this southern california place would be a little more awesome if we had the peacefulness and the openness as if everywhere we went was in fact that raggae concert.
who cares about weed.

and sometimes it saddens me to think that people need weed in order to be peaceful.
we have it in us,
the peacefulness i mean.

it's there.

i dare you to show it.
i will strive from this day forward to be a more nicer human being to anyone and everyone i encounter.

time for humboldt
time for bed.

let me know what you think.


p.s. "if i only had a brain" the tin man

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