Monday, May 18, 2009

charlottes web and a carpet that stings

I can clearly remember all of the times I've moved away, either for leaving for a job, school or just leaving to forget.
I can also recall returning home crystal clear.

I often think of how there is no greater metaphor for the way we impact people.
I thought about it tonight as I took my nightly trip outside. While inhaling the smoke into my lungs, I couldn't help but to stare into the ever so beautifully woven spider web, that hung loosely from the trunk of the tree to a branch.
I walked over to take a look at the loose connections. I pondered off into the thought of how this web was woven.
I then remembered that movie, charlotte's web, or at least tried my best to.
I don't exactly remember what the significance of the movie was.
But what I do remember is the impacting scene, that takes place in the darkness of the night, while charlotte is weaving her web ever so gracefully.

I often think of the impact that that in particular movie has on many people.
We often don't realize the power of what we do or our sometimes rash decisions.

As I contemplated the thought of someone leaving or walking out of my life, I thought out loud to my friend:
"I don't think it's necessarily that we are OVER someone, we are never over someone, it's just the numbing of the feeling of them not being there with us"
Then I thought to myself, that Wilbur will be forever impacted by that web.

So, then I come to a conclusion,
that as people, where ever we are in life, our relationships, decisions, discussions, actions, and thoughts will forever impact anybody and everybody.
Kind of like that spider web.
Even though we may not see it, the web of your life is very present.
My good friend once told me:
"You may not understand what going on in your life right now,
but think of your life as a giant carpet, and your underneath it,
you feel the needles poke through, they may sting, and you may wonder why it hurts,
but when it's all over,
you'll stand and look at the intricately woven side,
and say
"damn, it was worth it""

and that's all he said.

and that's all i can think about.

it's been a week.
a horrible week.
i haven't heard a word.
and i don't know if it's good or bad.



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