Friday, May 29, 2009

my shallow pool

i think my writing is shit.

But I must write in order to get all my thoughts out.

I've spent this whole week visiting and or swimming in the ocean.
Today, I picked up a lady friend of mines and we raced up to la jolla, I'd already been there this week, but I seem to never tired of that place. For I always discover new things, and I've never really grown tired of the place.

I feel as if summer has arrived in full heat and color.
Many things have changed, but there isn't an once in my blood that tells me things won't be normal.

I can almost feel myself slipping right now.
Despite having really nothing to worry about or slip into sorrow about, I feel as if it will change.
As if the tide will come in to sweep every living thing away in my shallow pool.
Don't know what kind of current it will bring me, but I have a feeling.

Or I might dry out, my shallow pool will become filled with sand.

But, I will do anything in my power to not let my shallow pool filled with creatures of large and small proportion die.
I will not.
It feels good have them alive, for they are what keeps me alive and happy.
But the tide has to change sometime, right?



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