Thursday, May 28, 2009

nature's contenedness

I could not contain myself,
as I ran down the limestone hills that were sprinkled with sand, the kind of sand in which would cause you to slide if you did not carefully plan your steps.
And if you fell you'd be falling a haunting 30 feet into the shore that contained rocks as sharp as knives.
I was in a hurry to arrive at my favorite spot, and I did not care about the over working of my lungs.
I just wanted to visit and observe the fascinating creatures that called this place home.
It always seems to be a bit cloudy there, but the clouds never held me back.

As my feet worked in fast forward motion, I could in vision the beautiful striped shore crabs as they scurried from one nook to the other,

As I leaped from rock to rock like a child discovering for it's first time,
I noticed something:

Every single organism that lives within those tide pools, has a certain way of showing us the beauty of nature.

We took a second to notice the individual cracks in the rocks, filled to the top with left over sea water just enough to allow the striped shore crabs to come out and tend to their everyday lives.
On a vertical slant, two crabs were wrestling over territory, I gazed into the crystal clear water to observe the two,
they displayed their own power, and it seemed as if they contained the most strength in all of the ocean themselves.
I dipped my hand into the water to see if I could pick one up, but they scurried off like mice.
I came back, only to see them wrestling again, while other crabs besides them there busy picking at the algae that they were so busy wrestling over.

That sight just opened my eyes into the contentedness of mother nature.
Viewing the different crabs that day made me realize that no matter where those crabs went that day, they were content.
Just going about life.
And it made me smile.

We walked on,

nature amazes me.


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