Wednesday, May 27, 2009

rope. trees.

"Now who is she
I am a river and I will take you to the sea"

I have a constant thought stuck in my head, one that twists and turns, and also tugs at my heart and stomach, much like a rope. And I'm starting to feel this ever so slight burn of tension and anger,
and it appears sometimes, but I'm sort of getting used to it, for these thoughts or situations have occurred many times in my life.
But, none the less, it happened once again.
And, I kind of get sick of it, but I just have to let that rope burn until I can get used to it.
But these things may pass.

Now, for a memory I have, that kind of deals with the situation stated above.
But this memory ended up really pleasant:

I ( as you may know) had been working seasonally at a summer camp for the last 2 summers, sad to say that I've made a decision to not travel up there this summer, but it has been great.
While working at this mountain, I have and had realized so many things about myself. So, it's quite an amazing place, and my co-workers I had grown to love and admire.
One in particular sticks into my mind, I rather not say her name, but she was a pretty young lady, with a good head resting on her shoulders.
One day, we both had the luck of not being scheduled for work on the same day, so we decided to hang out for the day.
We high tailed it up to the lake. While there we had a good talk about our past life.
And everyone knew she had a boyfriend, and in which they are still together this day, and I'm very happy for her.
Anywho, she told me about most things in her life, and so did I.
We sat with the breeze pushing against our backs, as we faced the lake watching the water skiers whiz by so gracefully as if it hadn't had taken so much effort to accomplish such feat.
As we high tailed it back to camp, I knew for a fact that the day was not over.

We listened to some good ol' delta spirit.
Stopped at this look out point, called the rim of the world.
The rim of the world is a look out point, in which you would be able to peer out and admire all of san bernardino, riverside, and if it's clear enough l.a.m but you'd be a lucky duck if you caught any trace of sight of l.a.
Anywho, there sits a large boulder, that's planted on the very end of a mountain, and if the bouder feels so inclined to do, it would plumit down a good thousand foot drop. And I'm kind of afraid of heights, but she wasn't.
I was amazed at her climbing skills, she darted up that rock like a cat climbs a fence. Insane.

So, I then took her back to the camp, but she wanted to hang out more, my feet were killing me,
so, as we parked at a ever so significantly familiar trailhead I mistakenly said:
"You ever been to Mama Oak?"
Now, Mama Oak is a destination for our night hikes and our weekly scheduled day hikes with the campers. From center camp it takes about 30 minutes to walk to. With many trail ends and turn offs, and as many forks as you hold in your silver ware cabinet...seriously.
Moma Oak, is a towering oak tree, that is planted by a tiny stream that flows every now and then, but when it does, Mama Oaks roots seems to suck up the crystal clear flowing water from the stream.
That's why Mama Oak is a good 2,000 years old.
She's the perfect deseination after a long (or long by the campers standards) hike in 90 degree weather.
Under her lay large boulders, as if they are Mama Oaks' eggs.

Now, just as I heard:
"No, but I want to go check it out",
laid down a crystal clear sign that I knew I could not diregard.
After I waited for her as she put on her hiking shoes, I fumbled though my car, searching for water bottles, none to be found.

We started hiking, it was amazing to see, because she was so excited to go on a hike she'd never been on before. I had been on this trail one too many times, but as we started walking, I had never thought I myself would see what was not seen as I hiked on the scheduled days we would hike.
As she ran ahead in excitement, I could help but be joyed by the presence of her excitement of what she was witnessing.
I clearly remember us walking by a dried up pond, that once contained dozens of frogs, like pennies in a fountain.
As we passed, we couldn't help but notice the beautifull rattling of a rattle snake, for it was under a rock, poised and ready to bite the hell out of our ankles, but we, being the go getters as we were, were so intruiged to play around with it. Trying to coax it out with a stick, or waving our hands back and forth, as if the snake knew that we wanted it to come out and play.

That day was filled with just fun. Fun.
That's really all I wanted. A good companion to discover more with, even though I had discovered it for 13 weeks of my life.
There was always something new.

As we reached Mama Oak we were interrupted by the vocalizations of a bear, that seemed to have been really close.
So, we got up.
And walked away.
That was our day.

with all this being said,
it would be better to just have fun.
and cut that rope loose.
because i don't want it to end up being a noose.



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